Côté Cour



Champagne and tasting plate

Homemade foie gras terrine with fresh figs and spice bread

The ballotine of sole and salmon with gray shrimps and windthrow

Frozen Mojito

Fillet of fawn in our way, Dauphine apples and green cabbage

Plate of cheese from Méan

The frozen log

Tea or Coffee and sweets

Price drinks included 100€/pers.

St Sylvestre


Real bubbles of Reims and appetizer plate

Homemade foie gras in "tea towel" and French toast

Lobster in papillotte with crunchy vegetables and seaweed butter


The hare fillet, blueberry infusion, whipped cream

The plate of cheese of the Valley of the Ourthe

The surprise cake of the New Year

Tea or coffee and sweets

Disc Jokey Party Ambience
At 2:00 onion soup

Price drinks included 130€/pers.


Creamy soup with wild mushrooms 8 €

Artisanal cheese croquettes 12 €

Artisanal ham from Hartmann 14 €

Gray shrimps croquettes 14 €

Cassolette of scampi with garlic tomatoes and basil 15 €

Homemade foie gras terrine and onion confit 15 €

Dishes served with French fries

Beef steak with its mixed salad 19 €

Grilled Scottish beef steak 24 €

The Simmered

Duck breast in oranges and its side dishes (min. 2 seats) 22 €

Sauces :
From Bearn, mushrooms cream, green pepper cream, tomatoes 3,50 €

The inescapables home-made

Meatballs hunter sauce 15 €

The KFC chicken 16 €

Grilled ham with mustard sauce 19 €

Dishes served with its accompaniments French fries or natural potatoes

Trout Miller 17 €

Trout in the grilled Almonds and the hazelnut butter 19 €

Sole meunière cooked with farm butter 29 €


Stew of hind apples blueberries and its side dishes 19 €

Fillet of fawn pepper sauce, cranberry apple and braised chicory 28 €

The saddle of hare with shallots (min. 2 seats) 28 €

Our Salads

Vegetarian salad 13 €

Caesar salad (chicken, parmesan, croutons) 15 €

Ardennes platter, regional charcuterie 15 €

Larded salad with hot goat cheese, pine nuts 15 €

Crazy salad Côté Cour (terrine of foie gras, ham, cheese) 19 €


Our Pastas
Lasagna 12 €

Tagliatelli in vegetables, pesto 15 €

Tagliatelli in scampi, pesto 18 €

The Mini Club

Meatball mushroom and wine sauce, French fries and salad 10 €


Our home-made desserts
Chocolate mousse 7 €

Tiramisu 7 €

Iced nougat and red fruit coulis 8 €

Creme brulee 10 €

Chocolate fondant and vanilla ice cream 10 €

Plate of cheese (local refined) 12 €

Our ice cream

Vanilla junior cup 5 €

Dame Blanche, Dame noire or Brazilian 7 €

Café Liégeois 7 €



Half dozen Oysters

Per person: 12 €

Lobster (500-600gr) in livewell


Baked Roast Lobster - Fresh Herbs - Garlic Butter - Rice Accompaniment

Served whole or for 2 people

Whole lobster: 40 €
Half lobster (2 seats) / Per person: 25 €

Favorite menu of the Market 40 €

Foie gras terrine and onion confit
Cassolette of scampi in garlic tomatoes and basil

Beef steak in wild mushrooms and salad
Fillet of fawn in pepper sauce, cranberry apple and braised chicory

Tasting of local cheeses
Homemade crème brûlée

The favorite menu of the Market is served by complete table